CMS presents ZEN-7000 to Vision & NHD

Tustin, CA, USA – 4/15/13 – CMS presents ZEN-7000 to Vision & NHD.

Complete Medical Services, a Michigan based X-ray sales & service company has been a partner of Genoray America since 2010.  Complete Medical Services, aka CMS has been appointed by Genoray America to take on a new and exciting challenge.

Vision and NHD are groups of medical dealers with specialty and knowledge to better serve medical community in distribution and service of the equipment.  CMS has been appointed to work with these groups as a master distributor for Vision and NHD.  This appointment came as a step to market Genoray’s product into bigger market.

With knowledge and service capability along with experiences with ZEN-7000 in past four years, CMS has vowed to market the products and provide service support to these new groups.

In their fifth year of marketing C-Arms to U.S. market, Genoray welcomes this new opportunity and look forward to changes to come.

Genoray America Inc. is a manufacturer of Medical & Dental X-ray equipment that produce C-Arm, Mammography, Dental X-rays and Dental CBCT systems.  ZEN-PX2 unit is a portable X-ray unit for Dental or Vet use.  PX2 unit is very popular unit being sold to over 60 countries.

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