ZEN-PX2 and auction sites

Orange, CA, USA – 10/3/12 – It has been noted that there has been few ZEN-PX2 sales made from ebay and other auction sites that had little problems.

Buyers should know that while all legally purchased brand new units from our dealers carry manufacturer’s warranty, ebay and other auctions are personal transaction sites where we cannot guarantee the product will carry valid warranty.

It is a very good idea to check with seller if they’re registered dealer of Genoray America and if the unit is brand new unit that was made recently.¬† Our PX2 units have shelf life of 3 months and we cannot guarantee performance of batteries after 3 months of storage.

Customers can always call Genoray America with questions at following number.

Genoray America Inc.
1-855-GENORAY  (855-436-6729)

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