FDA approves Genoray’s third generation C-Arm; z7

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Orange, CA, USA – 4/6/11 – Genoray America Inc. of Orange, CA has announced that their newest C-Arm, ZEN-7000 received FDA clearance to market the product in U.S.  This exciting news opens new door to Genoray America Inc. who so far was forced to concentrate on pain management market only due to power limitation.

z7 [nickname of ZEN-7000]; third generation C-Arm from Genoray has everything one can expect from C-Arm.  It comes with light-weight mobile body, 45 degree overcast, rotating anode producing 120kV & 20mA, convenient touch screen, and beautiful paint finish that make it look like a luxury class of C-Arm.

Once you play around with “stylish, touchy” C-Arm, z7, Genoray assures that you cannot easily forget brilliant display and the user-sensitive touch screen control panel.  Genoray America also promised that this brand new, powerful C-Arm will be priced at very affordable range.

Genoray Co., Ltd., a professional x-ray manufacturer from Korea, has sold over 1,000 of their C-Arms worldwide since 2001 and has over 2,000 Dental reference sites.  Genoray has dealers that cover nationwide and have a demo room available in Orange, CA.  Contact Genoray to find out how they can help: ‘Genoray makes the invisible visible’.

Genoray America Inc.
1073 N. Batavia St., Orange, CA 92867
Jae Kim;  Manager of Marketing & Communications
(T) 714-289-8020 (F) 714-453-9661

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