Correction to model name: ZEN-4090R -> ZEN-7000

Orange, CA, USA – 11/19/10 – Genoray America Inc. of Orange, CA has announced that new device they recently announced; ZEN-4090R has changed its name to ZEN-7000.  This change from Genoray is due to internal decision and does not change any specifications or functions listed previously.


Previously Genoray America had announced the following:

ZEN-4090R, Performance C-Arm

Genoray have upgraded their beloved ZEN-2090 Pro unit which has been in market since 2002 and introduced a new model, ZEN-4090R.  With more than double the power, easily accessible user interface, and even more style, the ZEN-4090R was designed to set the new standard for C-Arms.  ZEN-4090R has nickname of Performance C-Arm as she was designed to take on any high quality C-Arm and leave skid mark with its unbeatable quality and affordability.  FDA clearance for ZEN-4090R is in progress and expected to complete on January of 2011.

Genoray Co., Ltd., a professional x-ray manufacturer from Korea, has sold over 1,000 of their C-Arms worldwide since 2001 and has over 2,000 Dental reference sites.  Genoray will be at booth #7140 in RSNA 2010 for you to find out why they’re called: ‘Genoray makes the invisible visible’.


Genoray America hopes this will eliminate the confusion on the model name and extended the warm welcome to RSNA at booth #7140

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